Course Description

                                                          Portugal, 2018

"Welcome to the ultimate art course that was made for you in mind.  I believe anyone could paint and that you already possess some ability.  As a child, you loved to make art and that child is perhaps curious about making some art again. If so, then you're in the right place." 

What can you expect of this course? Plenty!  You will not only learn to paint your own original painting, but you will learn the tricks of the trade from an experienced artist first-hand.  I offer a simple quick approach that will be easy to understand.  Each lesson is jammed-packed with an over-the-shoulder approach that makes you feel like you're with the teacher.  You will learn everything from mixing colors of a limited palette to learning about painting outdoors and beyond.  I even include bonus videos to go further in-depth about color.  

The purpose is not to become a master painter in a short amount of time.  In fact, it takes a lifetime to learn the craft of painting.  The journey is most important, as I want you to have fun and enjoy the process.  In my course, my hope is that you will embrace the artist within you and that it will transform your life in ways you never expected.  Here are a few benefits you might experience!

  • Reigniting that creativity within you
  • Therapeutic benefits of painting itself
  • Get in touch with nature in a new way
  • Learn new techniques that will accelerate your progress
  • How to build a painting from scratch
  • How to live a happy and meaningful life
  • Become part of an arts community on my private Facebook page so you won't feel isolate

In addition, there are bonuses with the course I'm sure you'll appreciate!

  • '8 Ways to be an Artist' e-book
  • A 30-minute free consultation 
  • My private Facebook group
  • $100 credit towards a painting ($300+ value) or a commission.


You need the right tools to produce the best work.  In the long-term, it's wise to invest in the best materials you can afford.  You will gain insight into my personal tools I use to help create art. Also, we will go over pencils and the importance of light/dark values and composition.


Color theory is another important skill to learn.  I have always worked from a limited palette of just a few colors, from these colors you can mix a symphony of harmonious colors.  Once you learn how to mix and get a variety of colors, your world becomes more colorful and you will understand how to use color as an artist.


Once you are more comfortable with your tools and colors, it's time to paint! First, it's important to do a mock painting, which is a practice painting from a photo.  I will have a demo ready for you.  Next, it's time for our big moment!  We will paint outdoors and paint our stunning sunset.  You will see the whole process become real in front of your eyes!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this course for beginners?

A. Yes, even if you never touched a pencil or crayon (highly unlikely, you were once a little kid!).  I will introduce you to all the materials I use to make art and then some.  Your skill level doesn't matter.  You will learn the foundations of drawing and painting leading up to painting your stunning sunset!

Q. Can I use other mediums other than oil?

Yes!  I will work with oil during our lessons.  It would translate well with acrylics too.  Not so much with watercolor.

Join my course with a no-risk guarantee that you will benefit from my teachings. Give yourself and others a unique gift that will last for years to come.  

Join me today, I look forward to helping you soon!

- Josh :

Professional Artist and Teacher

Joshua Lance

Hi, I'm Josh. I'm an artist from Lambertville, NJ who has taught English and art in Asia and Europe for over 6 years.  I have designed this course meant for beginners or those who always wanted the courage to paint but unsure where to start.  I teach the basics of tools, techniques and a few artist insights that will help you paint your stunning sunset. I love the feeling of helping students master new skills and become experts in whatever field they choose, and I'm really excited to get to know you.If you have any questions please contact Josh at jlanceart@gmail.comJoshua Lance’s vision is not just a painting but a symphony of colors.  He often calls his works “Visual Jazz”, as there is often spontaneity of his brushwork in a disciplined composition.  Lance intentionally uses a simplified color palette of primaries to create harmonious relationships.Working as a professional artist and English teacher in Asia and Europe, Josh has had the unique opportunity to work closely with Taiwanese, Thai, Italian and American artists and paint on location from Ireland to Italy, from the streets of New Jersey to the mountains of New Mexico and beyond.  He is a storyteller and nomadic artist at heart.In his twenty-five years of painting, Josh has studied art from teachers to ancient landmarks.  His techniques come from his influences of impressionism, calligraphy, and some classical elements.  Essence and emotion are more important than hyper-realistic details.  Nature and intuition are among his greatest teachers.  He finds inspiration and beauty in moments often missed by modern life.  He enjoys being personal with his audience, often creates art videos of his life and artistic process.“I’m most proud of my responsibility to honor my craft as an artist and teacher.   Learning about living in other cultures has profoundly and positively affected my life that’s beyond learning in books.  Art has given me a life worth living.  It takes courage to follow your own path and vision.  I’m very sensitive to people’s vibes and nature’s surroundings.  It’s a joy, not a job to pass your knowledge to others.  Simply, I draw and paint what gives my life meaning.”

Course curriculum

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